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Growing up in a very small town in Georgia, I always longed for "bigger & better" things...Little did I know that my entire life was a pathway in learning that has led me to where I am now. My journey to success as a designer, business coach, and entrepreneur has not been without its stumbling blocks, but I'm here now, to share with YOU all that I have learned and all that you and I have yet to learn...TOGETHER.

DESIGN is what I do for a living,

I love to help other professionals & homeowners find that special ingredient to elevate their lives.

my history and experience

Design is a second career for me, but it was always my first love...

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Sometimes life needs to give you a little push to truly know what you should be doing. I was always the "creative" kid who was helping my mom refinish antiques or designing theme parks in my backyard (I'm not kidding), but when you're young that creative juice flow might seem pointless or without an end result (other than lots of fun). Fast forward to many years later of letting my design creativity flow by designing homes and spaces for myself and friends and family, THEN comes a knock from HGTV allowing me to showcase my talents & passion to the world. Well...that's all I needed! That opportunity led to "real" (i.e. paid!) design projects all across the country and the official start of my design career. And let me tell you, I have not looked back!

Throughout my career and life, I have had trials (as we all do) but I have always been that optimistic person who would find a viable solution, and then would want to share that solution with others. And THAT is where we are now. I'm sharing with YOU! I'm sharing my business experience in running a multi-seven figure design firm, my creative experience in designing award-winning homes and products, and my zest for life, positivity, and solution-based optimism. Won't you join me on this fun & admittedly, sometimes challenging ride?!


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